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Label of the Month: Beat & Path

In the immense vastness of the electronic music universe, there’s a label that calls from down under, beaming in technicolor, as its warm hue invites you on a journey—one through sound, emotion, and innovation. It’s called Beat & Path, and its story begins on the sun-soaked shores of New Zealand’s electronic capital and unfolds under the dazzling lights of Australia’s renowned Vision Hound & Chi Wow Wah Town events.

For over a decade, Beat & Path’s founders, Uone and Out of Sorts, have shared their musical vision with the world. Their expeditions have spanned both local and international stages, releasing on prestigious labels and captivating global audiences. And along this road, they haven’t just made friends; they’ve built a family. Now, they’re paving the way for those who follow.

Artworks: Gonzalo Varela

Beat & Path’s mission is clear: to nurture talent from across New Zealand and Australia, harnessing the region’s musical identity to create a label of international distinction. It’s a drum roll to showcase the finest talent from their two nests while nurturing young blood and cross-pollinating with A-class producers from around the globe for a unique collage that draws from every corner.

As a label, Beat & Path specializes in crafting a deep, organic tapestry interwoven with a signature electronic foundation. Channeling inspiration from diverse genres—techno, house, ambient, indie, and experimental—the imprint aims to paint otherworldly soundscapes that resonate deeply within.

Since its conception in 2016, the imprint has enlisted a promising slew of up-and-coming artists to its roster while showcasing world-class producers. Names like Namito, Jamie Stevens, The Oddness, NiconéOliver Koletzki, Beacon Bloom, Sanoi, BONDI, SAAND, Philosophia, Tijuana Cartel, Moontide, Madmotormiquel, and many more have already graced the label’s releases.

Artwork: Merciful Stranger

Currently, Beat & Path is one of the few labels out there pushing the LP concept forward. At a time when attention spans are getting shorter, and labels push for radio edits to maximize airplay or Spotify playlisting, the label defies the norm, supporting spellbinding collages that immerse listeners in a vivid auditory experience with releases such as Uone & Western’s ‘The Lone Wranglers’, or The Oddness’ ‘Observations as a Stranger’.

Recently, the output has even re-kindled its affair with VA compilations. Almost 28 months since the release of its 2020’s ‘Winter Sampler’, Beat & Path returned with its ‘Camp Out 001’, which features fresh cuts by Zuke & Sanoi, Caly Jandro, Transcenic, DLNJA, Paul A. George, Uone, Western, and Out of Sorts.

But Beat & Path isn’t just about the music; it’s about taking you on a sensory odyssey. Each release is carefully curated to thrust you fully into its sonic world. With suggestive and vibrant imagery, the label always provides a  perfect backdrop to visually compliment the overall experience.

More than a label though, Beat & Path is a movement—a collective of artists pushing the boundaries of electronic music, forging new sonic landscapes, and crafting music that has never been heard before. If you seek music that transcends the ordinary, Beat & Path is your guiding light on this extraordinary odyssey.

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