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Label Of The Month: Dirtybird Records

Embarking on a journey through the kaleidoscopic multiverse of electronic music, our focus now shifts to the pulsating heart of innovation: Dirtybird Records. The label, birthed in 2005 by the inimitable Claude VonStroke, has constantly pushed boundaries while cultivating a vibrant community and leaving an indelible mark on the industry. As we select Dirtybird as our ‘Label Of The Month’, let’s dive into the extraordinary narrative that defines this imprint as more than just a label—it’s a sonic revolution.

The Birth of an Icon

Claude VonStroke emerged with a fervent vision in the colorful labyrinth of San Francisco’s eclectic electronic music scene. His dream was not confined to the traditional realms; instead, he envisioned a haven where artists could unfurl their creativity without restraints. This vision metamorphosed into Dirtybird Records—a phenomenon destined to redefine the global electronic music landscape.

An Oasis for Musical Mavericks

In 2005, Dirtybird flung its nest’s doors wide open, beckoning a diverse array of artists to defy expectations and break free from genre norms. Justin Martin, the purveyor of infectious grooves and whimsical melodies, became a linchpin, weaving his unique sound into the very fabric of Dirtybird’s story. Riva Starr, a conjurer of entrancing rhythms and soulful harmonies, brought a touch of sophistication to the label’s musical palette. Meanwhile, Shiba San, the fearless genre experimenter, injected unadulterated fun into the Dirtybird family.

A Symphony of Sounds

Under Dirtybird’s wing, artists refused to bow to the conventions of traditional electronic music genres. Fearlessly, they melded with funk, soul, techno, and experimental soundscapes, crafting a genre-defying tapestry mirroring their diverse backgrounds and inspirations. Their music, a testament to the label’s commitment to creativity and innovation, resonated globally, transcending cultural and geographic boundaries with classics such as Justin Martin & Sammy D’s ‘The Southern Draw’, ‘Deep Throat’ by Claude VonStroke, or Catz ‘n Dogz’s ‘Fixation’.

A Collective of Music Aficionados

The brand transformed from a label into a thriving community of music aficionados, united by their shared reverence for the endless creative potential of electronic music. VonStroke’s visionary leadership cultivated an ethos of camaraderie and collaborative spirit, encouraging the cross-pollination of ideas and sonic exploration. The label’s devotees, affectionately known as the Dirtybird Crew, embraced this inclusive ethos, fostering a vibrant community where self-expression and innovation thrived.

Dirtybird Campout, A Festival of Unity and Celebration

Anticipation runs high each year as the Dirtybird Crew awaits the arrival of Dirtybird Campout, a three-day festival nestled in California’s wilderness. It transcended being a mere showcase of groundbreaking performances; it stands as a celebration of self-expression, creativity, and community. Amidst dancing souls beneath starlit heavens, unbreakable bonds are formed, and memories echo the enduring spirit of the event.

A Legacy of Sonic Exploration and Inspiration

Dirtybird’s influence in the electronic music realm has solidified over the years. Their releases constantly scale charts, earning critical acclaim and inspiring countless artists globally. Yet, beyond accolades, the brand’s true legacy lies in its unyielding dedication to innovation, creativity, and community. It shaped the soundscape of electronic music and nurtured a thriving ecosystem where artists and enthusiasts connect, collaborate, and celebrate the transformative essence of music.

A Community of Passionate Music Enthusiasts

Beyond the music, Dirtybird has cultivated a passionate and tight-knit community of music lovers. The Dirtybird Crew, comprising devoted fans, eagerly explores new musical horizons and supports their cherished artists. This sense of belonging and shared passion is what sets Dirtybird apart.

Forever Forward-Looking

The label’s spirit is one of perpetual curiosity. Their exploration extends beyond the music itself, delving into the realms of technology and platforms, all while keeping their gaze fixed firmly on the future. With their forward-looking approach, they continue to shape the electronic music landscape innovatively.

The leading independent label, distributor, and publisher EMPIRE recently announced its acquisition of Claude VonStroke’s Dirtybird imprint. While the buyout means the Dirtybird catalog of music, including artists such as Claude VonStroke, Nikki Nair, Walker & Royce, as well as the label’s clothing, publishing, and web3 assets are now under EMPIRE’s management, VonStroke continues to own and run all of the Dirtybird live events and festival brands.

“It’s an amazing opportunity for us to grow in a way we couldn’t grow before as a mom-and-pop business. EMPIRE is an incredible partner to take Dirtybird to the next level. I am already seeing new and different opportunities that we did not have before,” said VonStroke  in an exclusive interview with EG in March, as he hatched the new dawn of Dirtybird.

Looking back on Dirtybird’s successes in the past year, Label Manager Deron Delgado said, Dirtybird is coming off two of its strongest streaming quarters with major releases by female producer and internationally touring DJ VNSSA (‘One Pill’) and the dynamic Dirtybird duo Walker & Royce (‘No Big Deal – Part 1’).” Regarding Dirtybird in 2024 he added, “Although Dirtybird is moving away from marquee events like Dirtybird CampINN, the label is planning new festivals, parties and free pop-ups throughout 2024 so stay tuned.”

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