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Label of the Month: Minds Alike Records

As we keep exploring the vast offerings of our scene, Minds Alike Records emerges from the colorful city of Miami as a lighthouse for creativity, a hub where avant-garde sounds carve the path forward. This edition’s Label Spotlight takes a plunge into the origins and dreams of Minds Alike, a label that has been making waves in the electronic music cosmos with its enchanting roster and irresistible sonic offerings.

The Birth of Minds Alike

In the crucible of 2020, founders baez and Samihe forged Minds Alike Records, a sanctuary swiftly evolving for artists united by a shared sonic expression in the electronic music cosmos. The label’s idiosyncratic sound, an interplay of moody, melodic, and profound depths, echoes the fervent passion propelling its creators.

Rooted in the effervescent Miami milieu, Minds Alike beckons artists seeking a distinctive platform to unravel and articulate their creative visions. Its catalog already reads like a diverse anthology, showcasing talents such as Samihe, baez, Enchanted Kids, BODAI, and Davstr3k, each intricately weaving their musical tapestry into the label’s burgeoning narrative.

Harmonizing Electronic Landscapes

Minds Alike’s genesis springs from a yearning to craft music transcending the shackles of temporal and spatial confines. The label embraces an expansive canvas where artistic expression knows no boundaries. From melodic and organic harmonies to the realms of deep house and electronica/downtempo, the label’s pursuit of diverse sounds is the cornerstone of its philosophy. Minds Alike seeks to capture music that resonates across scenarios and platforms, aspiring to inspire far beyond the dancefloor’s constraints.

Waters of Growth and Artistic Integrity

The odyssey of Minds Alike is an intricate ballet between growth and artistic authenticity. As a haven for emerging artists, the label unwaveringly upholds their creative vision. Operating as a boutique independent entity, Minds Alike ensures artists receive a more generous royalty split than industry norms—an ode to its commitment to acknowledging and rewarding their toil. The label’s distinctive approach champions artists and their artistry, envisioning a legacy of collaboration with those crafting experiences beyond mere music.

Toasting Triumphs and Personal Highlights

Minds Alike’s recent endeavor, a remix compilation for LEMON’s ‘Silently,’ unfurls distinctive interpretations of one of the label’s standout tracks this year. Featuring reworks by baez, Samihe, and the dynamic duo of Michael Ritter & Felix E from Berlin, it serves as a testament to the label’s thrilling trajectory and aspirations. Noteworthy past triumphs include broj’s ‘Daydream’ remixes EP and ‘Lucid’ by Enchanted Kids and Emily Zuzik.

A Sanctuary for Artistic Expedition

The curation of new submissions at Minds Alike is an artful blend of instinct and emotion. The label seeks music that narrates a tale, posing questions that find resolution as the track unfolds. Beyond technical metrics, Minds Alike treasures the passion and artistry embedded in the music, irrespective of an artist’s notoriety.

Minds Alike currently stands at a crucial juncture of growth. The roster boasts recent signings of promising artists, introducing fresh, diverse sounds from the likes of Michael Ritter, Felix E, LEMON (RO), and the globally acclaimed Powel. The focus remains on supporting talent resonating with contemporary music while staying true to its distinctive melodic core spanning various genres.

An Unfolding Odyssey

Minds Alike transcends its role as a mere label; it’s a community radiating influence through podcasts, weaving connections with artists and kindred spirits. These podcasts showcase an array of styles and talents, fostering a sense of unity within the electronic music fraternity. Notable events include label showcases at ATV Records and in Chicago. In 2024, the brand steers towards a deeper engagement with the Miami community, planning more local events to intertwine with and enrich the city’s pulsating music tapestry.

Anticipating Tomorrow

Presently, Minds Alike brims with anticipation to broaden its horizons. The roadmap involves exploring international collaborations, bringing the signature Minds Alike sound to new audiences globally. This strategic direction is fueled by data showcasing the brand’s sonic appeal across Europe, a market they are eager to tap into and connect with fans where their music resonates the most.

Moreover, Minds Alike is gearing up for the release of its inaugural album, crafted by co-founder Samihe. This album stands as a monumental marker in their journey, encapsulating the essence of Minds Alike and setting the tone for future endeavors.

The days ahead for Minds Alike promise a continuum of exhilarating event experiences, fresh releases, and captivating podcasts. The label’s expansion mirrors its dedication to exploring new artistic frontiers while nurturing a fervent community of like-minded artists.

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