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Lake Turner drops ‘Arcade 55’

Now available via Ki Records.

Photo credit: Lake Turner – Facebook

London-based musician Lake Turner has just released his latest record, ‘Arcade 55,’ through Christian Löffler’s Ki Records.

‘Arcade 55’ showcases Turner’s blend of energetic beats and soothing ambient synths, creating a sonic landscape that transports listeners to a place of calmness. The EP also incorporates field recordings taken by the artist during his camping trips and hikes, adding an organic element that conjures images of orbiting planets and connects the audience with the beauty of the natural environment.

Turner, known for his previous work in post-punk and indie groups Great Eskimo Hoax and Trophy Wife, has found inspiration in the tranquility of the countryside despite leaving his life on an isolated farm in Worcestershire behind a decade ago for the fast-paced city.

Listen to ‘Arcade 55’ below and purchase your copy here.

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