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Landikhan feat. Lasai – Children Of The Moon – LNDKHN

A truly spiritual delivery, Landikhan’s ‘Children Of The Moon’ is an exuberant addition to LNDKHN’s ever-growing catalog. Featuring a stunning single and complemented by two alternative versions courtesy of Larse, the track is bound to take centerstage with an irrepressible vocal performance from Spanish Lasai.

Slick broken beats and Lasai’s Afro-Caribbean singjay greet us at the entrance before we’re swept from our feet by a meandering low-end burst, thrusting us inside a powerful, spiritual experience. Always keeping the spotlight on Lasai’s impressive reggae-style vocals, Landikhan’s minimalistic frame elevates an irresistibly compelling performance from the Spanish singer, creating a truly unique piece that blurs the boundaries between genres and perfectly showcases the true LNDKHN ethos.

Crafting a more robust frame, Larse’s first take is built on poignant stabs that cut through the air as they call on us, drawing an enticing effervescent rhythmic pattern that invites us to get down in a most primal manner. Compelling, Larse prods at our innermost desires with an almost ritualistic piece that is bound to get everyone dancing by the fire as we wash away our pains in search of a moment of pure bliss and self-detachment.

For the curtain call, LNDKHN offers a vocal-less version of Larse’s remix, which will obviously come in handy for DJs as a different option.

‘Landikhan feat. Lasai – Children Of The Moon’ is out now via LNDKHN. Purchase your copy here.

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