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Lauren Mia shares her top 10 inspirational tracks of 2021

Lauren Mia is a Los Angeles-based classical pianist and composer-turned-DJ, songwriter, vocalist, and music producer. Lauren Mia began her journey with music production in 2016 as she became an up-and-comer worth watching in genres such as progressive house and melodic techno.

Through her music, Lauren Mia is deeply in love with embodying healing, emotional, orchestral, and progressive sounds in pursuit of connecting people with themselves and those around them — it’s what she describes as an erotic journey through sound.

As Lauren begins to wrap up her 2021, she celebrates her latest outing remixing Paraleven’s ‘Tidal Wave’ for Rose Avenue by sharing her favorite inspirational tracks of 2021.

01. Remcord – Continuous Trip

‘This track was by far my favorite of 2021. Remcord is an incredible producer based in France. His ability to tell a story through intense, immersive synthesis blows me away.’

02. Nohak – Guardian of Tales

Nohak is an artist who actually released on my own imprint, Ear Porn Music. Following the release, he sent me this track along with a few others. I immediately told him this was my favorite and a true work of art. I played this record on many different dance floors around the US, and the response never failed to amaze me.’

03. Solanca – Sólfar

‘This record is one of those tracks that gives raises the hairs on your arms and gives you full-body chills, no matter how many times you listen to it. ‘Solfar’ captured so much emotion, uplifting and inspiring progressions that will make you shed a tear of joy.’

04. Giorgia Angiuli – All The Little Things (Undercatt Remix)

‘This remix done by the duo Undercatt of Giorgia’s original was just a hit. I’ve looked up to these artists for many years now, and this collaboration of sounds and styles produced a total beaut.’

05. Kölsch – Hold

‘I don’t know where to begin. Kölsch is an artist I truly admire and look up to. He has a unique style and it really shined through for me in this latest piece of his. The textures, ethereal pads, and powerful, pumping layered synthesis is truly mesmerizing. One of my true favorites that came out of 2021.’

06. Hollt – Ethical World

Hollt is an up-and-coming producer that I truly believe in. He is authentic and true to his sound and works. His sound design and production skills are outstanding and this track is my favorite he’s put out. This was a big year for him and I am excited to see what’s to come for his project.’

07. Worakls – Hortari (Mark Höffen Remix)

Worakls is a brilliant composer, producer, musician, and live performer who tours with an incredible orchestra. Mark Höffen is a friend of mine who is signed to their label Hungry Music’s sister label, Sinners. I had the pleasure of visiting Mark to see him perform with Worakls in Amsterdam a few years ago. It was an unforgettable show. This year, Mark remixed Worakls’ original and I have to say, the outcome was mind-blowing. A truly extraordinary piece of work.’

08. Bebetta, HRRSN – Lonely Planet Boy

Bebetta and HRRSN created gem. This track is so unique with its powerful percussion, LFO modulated synthesis, ethereal vocals, and a killer groove. I loved this track from the moment I heard it and it truly never gets old. It’s a timeless record.’

09. Rodriguez Jr. – Killian

‘There is so much to say about this track. This piece is an absolutely gorgeous production. The piano. What a story it tells. It’s beautiful, inspiring, comforting, and nostalgic. I shared this piece in my Anjunadeep Edition a few months back, and thousands of people were blown away, truly moved by this song.’

10. Mark Tarmonea, Brascon – More Pt. 2

‘I am just in love with this track. Both Mark Tarmonea and Brascon are friends of mine, extremely talented producers from Germany who are just so passionate. Mark’s voice is a dream, and this new take on the original piece they both produced together is just amazing. The vocal chops, staggering vocal textures, and synth progression…. this was my favorite vocal track of 2021.’

Lauren Mia’s remix for Paraleven’s ‘Tidal Wave’ is out now via Rose Avenue. Purchase your copy here.

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