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Lauren Ritter Launches New Label ‘Rift Vision’

Lauren Ritter launches new label ‘Rift Vision’

Photo Credit: Alejandro Garcia

Her ‘Rift Vision 001’ EP is the first release of the imprint.

The now ‘stay-at-home DJ’ Lauren Ritter has announced the launch of her latest venture, the newly-coined Rift Vision. For the first release ever, she dropped a 4-tracker entitled ‘Rift Vision 001’.

The label’s aesthetic is described as ‘liminal, subconscious and ultimately synthetic’, and the EP is a reflection of that, interweaving dream-state compositions that develop on a more personal and intimate ground.

Also, for ‘Thirst Trap’, the first single, Ritter teams up on a video with Tenesha the Wordsmith (Peacocks and Other Savage Beasts, Dangerous Women) and JB!! aka Dirty Moses for a confessional piece of poetry that melts over hazy, organic textures.

Listen to Lauren Ritter’s ‘Rift Vision 001’ below and grab your copy here.


  1. A1. Lauren Ritter “Vespers”
  2. A2. Tenesha The Wordsmith & Lauren Ritter “Thirst Trap (feat. JB!! Aka Dirty Moses)”
  3. B1. Lauren Ritter “Quartz”
  4. B2. Lauren Ritter “Value of a Piece Taken”
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