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Lehar announces ‘All Through The Night’ tour

The Diynamic Music artist is about to embark in a sixteen-dates journey including different european and asian cities.

Venice-based DJ and Producer Lehar just presented his new tour concept “All Through The Night”The idea behind it is to host his very own club series, capturing the DJ booth from start to finish. He commented – “One artist, one night, one idea: A night of dreaming and a night of dancing have one major aspect in common – only if they are in a complete flow, uninterrupted, they can unfold their strongest effect.”

Starting with two gigs in Indonesia around New Year’s Eve the Italian artist will go on an extensive trip with stops in cities like Beirut, Amsterdam, Berlin, Istanbul or Tel Aviv before celebrating the grand tour finale in Copenhagen and Oslo at the end of February.

Below complete list of Lehar’s tour dates.

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