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Lehar talks Diynamic, producing, and his latest release “Number One Hero”

Lehar is an Italian DJ/Producer who is the newest recruit to the flourishing Diynamic Music family. After his recent highly lauded first release on the Hamburg imprint “Number One Hero”, we dropped in on him and asked a few questions about how he sees what looks to be an exciting 2016 ahead.

Electronic Groove: How are you, how has 2016 been so far, do you have any hopes and dreams for the year ahead?

Lehar: Hello guys I’m fine and thanks a lot for this interview. Well, 2016 has been a great year so far, since the first week of January when I flew to Hamburg and personally met Solomun and his fantastic team I had the feeling that something special was about to happen. I dream every day, and try to turn my dreams into hopes, and sometimes hopes become reality if you work hard to make them happen. I have so many things coming up and that inspires me to always keep learning from every person and situation I’m involved.

EG: What is an average day in your life like? Do you make music every day, or do yoga, or walk the dog – do you have a routine?

Lehar: I live with my girlfriend in the countryside of Venice, Italy. For me this is the perfect place to spend the weekly routine. When I come home after a weekend away, it’s ideal to find myself surrounded by nature peace and beauty to relax and disconnect. From Monday to Thursday I usually wake up late in the morning and immediately go out jogging into the woods. Sports are part of my life and it’s something I’ve been doing since I was a kid. During the afternoon I share time with my family and friends and then at night I move into the studio duties.

EG: How long did it take you to find your own sound as a producer? When did you first start making music and why and how long till you were happy with what you made?

Lehar: Well, I think my sound it’s always changing. It depends on different personal feelings every season. My first experience in music was in 2012 when I did Louis Vuitton’s fashion show soundtrack with a very close friend. I remember that time as being very enjoyable! And even if wasn’t our real job (I was still working in my ex advertising agency) we put all our efforts very seriously, after it finished we felt kind of “satisfied”. Later I decided to give myself a chance to become a real producer / DJ. I have learned so many things in these years and I couldn’t be who I am today without the family and close friends support.

EG: Talk us through your latest release for 2DIY4 – how did you get it signed, did you send a promo to the label?

Lehar: I’ve known Solomun for a couple of years. He was one of the first who listened and gave feedback on my productions since the Lehar project early days. In January at the Diynamic’s office I showed him the “Number One Hero” EP and he liked it since the first time he listened to it.

EG: And what does it feel like to be part of such a special underground dance music family?

Lehar: Together with my great friends Adriatique and of course Solomun, it was quite a while we were talking about the idea for me to be part of the Diynamic Music family. I felt honored about this invitation; to me it means a lot to be involved in such a professional and special team like this. I found nice people and I feel that want to give all the best, also I’m sure I can learn so many different things from everyone around.

EG: And where and when was the track “Number One Hero” written, who did vocals, what was the aim? Is it your usual style?

Lehar: I wrote the melodies last summer and was looking for the right voice. Last August my girlfriend showed me a track by Rush Midnight called “Hard” and it was love at first sight. I think Russell is a brilliant lyric writer, also his voice is unique. I wanted to give it a more indie / nu disco touch and he was the perfect choice. For me this was the first time I had a voice on an original track.

EG: How did you write the lyrics? Should house music be political and socially minded, do you think? What makes a good vocal?

Lehar: I strongly believe music is an important tool to communicate ideas and feelings, therefore lyrics can address any topic such as love, politics, and what people likes. Good lyrics have to be catchy, never too trivial or predictable,at the same time original and a bit edgy.

EG: What sort of gear have you got in your studio? Are you a hardware or software fan? Are the tools important to you?

Lehar: I love using both, software and hardware. My favorite hardware is Moog Voyager / Dave Smith Prophet 08; and my favorite software is FX Pansion Strobe 2, Cypher, Fusor and Amber.

EG: Does being an Italian mean you have a certain sound or background or style? What music did you grow up on for example, and does it still influence you now?

Lehar: When I was a kid, my father used to take me the music store every Saturday, at that time he was buying himself 10-20 Cd’s every week. Most of them were of jazz music by renowned artists like Chick Corea, John Patitucci, Michel Petrucciani, Sting, Eric Clapton to mention a few, but also I have a personal maestros who touched my life indelibly like Franco Battiato, Pino Daniele, Zucchero.

Thanks and good luck for the rest of 2016, it sure looks like an exciting year for you!

Lehar’s ‘Number One Hero’ is out now on 2DIY4, grab it here!


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