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LEON announces new label, FUTURA

The head of the brand created a Spotify playlist featuring the label’s upcoming artists.

Italian DJ and producer LEON announced his new label FUTURA, whose first release will be the single titled ‘Get Back Up’, which features the collaboration of vocalist Jones 2.0. The track, which will be released on May 28th, will bring remixes by fellow Italian Koko, and the London duo Frankel & Harper.

‘This track was made at a difficult time in my life, linked to the pandemic and the confinement. I imagined that people needed motivation, not to fall into depression, and together we looked for a text to give hope and energy. I wanted to create a more Electro House sound with some references to Detroit,’ explained the artist.

In this new phase of his career, LEON has selected some of the best artists to create a smart and highly identifiable audio brand, with progressive sounds ranging from Rominimal, Minimal-Tech to Deep Tech-House. Artists responsible for the concept include Janeret, Harry Wills, Sakro, Sublee, Youandewan, Lucio, Koko, Priku, Mike D, Liou, Alessio Viggiano, and many more.

Listen to the FUTURA of Electronic Music playlist here.

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