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LE//ON: “My story is even cooler with me defying cancer”

Leon Morley, a captivating saxophonist and electrifying performer, has significantly impacted the entertainment industry. Hailing from  Miami, Morley has earned a well-deserved reputation as a seasoned veteran.

Photo credit: LE//ON -Instagram

Throughout his career, he has shared the stage with various talents, including Ingrosso, Claptone, Louie Vega, and many others. With two Beatport #1 Dance Releases to his name, Morley’s talent and influence continue to grow.

EG had the chance to catch up with Leon. During the interview, Leon shared insights into his remarkable journey, key milestones in his career, personal anecdotes from collaborations, and the motivation behind his projects such as ‘Diaries From the Underground’ and the benefit concert for ‘Know Your Rights Camp.’

Despite health challenges, Leon’s determination to create impactful and meaningful work remains unwavering as he pushes boundaries and innovates within the industry. ‘Leon’s Cancer Bill’ fundraising campaign is still active on GoFundMe. You can contribute here.

EG: Hi Leon, welcome to EG. Can you share where you’re joining us from today?

Leon Morley: I’m joining from Miami. Thanks for having me.

EG: You’ve had a remarkable journey from being a college musician to becoming a renowned saxophonist and performer. What were the key milestones that have shaped your career?

Leon Morley: My journey includes a shift from neurosurgery to music with my band, Logan Tree, at the University of Florida, managing the band and exploring the business side of music. After the band, I owned a nightclub in Gainesville, FL, and later moved to Miami, focusing on entertainment business niches.

EG: Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, you financed, co-founded, and produced ‘Diaries From the Underground,’ an online electronic music streaming series. How did this project come to life, and can you highlight some of the most memorable moments during your involvement?

Leon Morley: The project was born out of a need for new art during lockdowns. I moved to LA, invested in a tour bus, and hired a film crew. Memorable moments include our first shoot in Joshua Tree and a unique location in Sonoma.

EG: You recently headlined a benefit concert for Colin Kaepernick’s charity ‘Know Your Rights Camp.’ Could you elaborate on your role in this event and what it meant to you personally?

Leon Morley: I performed to raise awareness of civil rights injustices. It was a unique opportunity to connect with an audience and contribute to a cause amidst the turmoil of 2020.

“My creativity is fueled by innovation, originality, and collaboration.”

EG: Your musical projects, such as ‘The Carbonites’ and upcoming collaborations with Lee Reynolds and the Spybar Chicago team, sound intriguing. What can your fans anticipate from these projects, and what fuels your creative process?

Leon Morley: Fans can expect diverse music ranging from techno to house with ‘The Carbonites,’ and a unique blend of rock, punk, electro, and funk with Lee Reynolds. My creativity is fueled by innovation, originality, and collaboration.

EG: Besides your music career, you’ve also had experience as a Sports and Entertainment Banker. How has this background influenced your approach to music and the music business?

Leon Morley: My banking background has given me a unique perspective, focusing on innovation and personal flair in business. It’s an art form influencing my approach to music and the music business.

EG: What do you foresee for the future of electronic music and live performances, especially in a post-pandemic world?

Leon Morley: I see a rapid evolution focusing on originality, diversity, and live instrumental fusion. The future will value unique, engaging performances and artists who personally connect with their audiences.

EG: You mentioned your DJ streaming series and upcoming releases. Could you give us a sneak peek into your future musical endeavors and what’s in store for your fans?

Leon Morley: My future involves exploring various creative outlets, from music to film and AI. I’m focused on creating without an agenda, pushing boundaries, and innovating in the industry.

EG: For those who may not be familiar with your work, how would you describe your musical style and the emotions or experiences you aim to convey through your music?

Leon Morley: My style is dynamic, powerful, and emotionally charged. I aim to evoke physical responses and provide a unique experience for my audience, transcending genres and expectations.

“My story is even cooler with me defying cancer. Hopefully, I’ll be cancer-free soon so I can grow with no restraints.”

EG: We understand that you’re facing health challenges. For those who wish to offer support, could you share how your experiences have influenced your music and life?

Leon Morley: The last three years have been crazy, and those experiences have definitely influenced my goals and life path. It has led to a re-evaluation of priorities and a focus on impactful, meaningful work and personal growth. I’ve never really had my environment or my circumstances undergo such drastic changes, but the last few years have, and I dislike that.

My last 3 years can look terrible, given that I was diagnosed with cancer 18 months ago. I’ve been in and out of treatment, but there are positives, and as a whole, it’s remarkable and impressive. My story is even cooler with me defying cancer. Hopefully, I’ll be cancer-free soon so I can grow with no restraints.

EG: Lastly, could you share any personal or professional goals you’ve set for yourself in the coming years, both in music and beyond?

Leon Morley: My goals include regaining health, forming a team of specialists for collaborative projects, starting income-generating businesses, advocating for human rights, and pursuing diverse creative endeavors, possibly even showcasing a new physique with abs!

‘Leon’s Cancer Bill’ fundraising campaign is still active on GoFundMe. You can contribute here.

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