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#LETUSDANCE Campaign Calls For UK Government To Save Nightclubs

#LETUSDANCE campaign calls for UK government to save nightclubs

The initiative is backed by industry heavyweights including Fatboy Slim, Pete Tong, among others.

A new campaign, powered by the Association For Electronic Music and the Night Time Industries Association has been launched, asking the UK government to save nightclubs and venues.

The campaign asks British ravers to spread the word on socials and write to their local MP as nightclubs and live music venues have been crippled due to the impact of the global pandemic. So far, the government has not announced a date for when nightclubs can reopen or how, although it did reveal that indoor concerts could take place from August 1st.

This also comes in the wake of the announcement of a £1.57 billion stimulus package for the arts. It is still uncertain how the proceeds will be shared among the different art sectors.

According to London Night Czar Amy Lamé, ‘London’s dance venues and nightclubs are the envy of the world. They are a social hub for so many communities and a key part of our economy at night, but the Government has failed to provide them with specific support or give an indication of when they can open their doors again.

Like so many night-time venues, they have been hit hard by the impact of months of closure due to Covid-19 and are in urgent need of help. The Government must make clear its commitment to protecting jobs in this vibrant sector to ensure that London’s nightclubs not only survive this pandemic, but thrive beyond it’.

Here’s how you can get involved in #LetUsDance and put pressure on the government to save the UK’s nightclubs:

1. Social Media Posts

Post your favorite pictures from a recent nightclub, dance festival, or event with a note supporting its place within arts and culture.

If you would like to use the standard assets which have been created for the campaign or create your own designs using the logo, all components can be found on this link: #LetUsDance Assets

Ready-made social media graphics can also be used and downloaded here. Please remember to use the hashtag #LetUsDance with all posts.

2.Letter to Local MP

A draft letter to local MP’s will be available via an automated online system for fans, artists and industry professionals to access and send automatically. Access the letter here.

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