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Life and Death launches website for its tenth anniversary

Photo credit: Kimie Tanaka

There are different surprises for visitors and subscribers.

DJ Tennis’ label, Life and Death, celebrates ten years since its creation with a new website in order to promote the projects done by musicians and friends of the brand, and at the same time, foster connection within their local and global communities.

From the moment the user enters the platform, they will find a welcoming reception to the ‘psychedelic portal’ that is Life and Death. In addition to new music releases, the site offers access to exclusive mixes, videos, podcasts, editorial content, and a variety of products, including limited-edition handmade pieces by new artists. With the subscription, exclusive downloads, tickets, gifts, workshops, private tutorials, and more special edition products are provided.

‘It’s been a very long journey to arrive at our 10 year anniversary, and we are launching the website to celebrate the paths we’ve created musically and artistically throughout this past decade’, says DJ Tennis. ‘We’re excited to expand our support of the artists and creators we’ve linked up with through our world travels and international events’, adds the Italian.

Check out some pieces from the store below and enter the site here.

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