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Life and Death returns to Art Basel

Where art is found, a fashionable and musically inclined crowd is never too far behind.

Photo by Elias Smith

Known for attracting some of the top artists in artistic design, and considered the most important and exciting time of year in Miami, Art Basel  brings a certain electricity to the air in early December. It attracts a sophisticated international crowd of gallerists, artists, collectors, and glitterati to the sands of South Beach as well as its inner core.

And speaking of bringing electricity to the air, the electronic kind that is; DJ TennisLife and Death annual event has become an essential part of the music scene that encompasses Art Basel. This year the Life And Death party (with the support of PL0T and iii Points), will showcase a 12 hour journey taking place on Thursday December 1st, at Little River Studios where a reimagined production design will expose attendees to an immersive audiovisual environment scattered over 4 rooms till dawn.

The studio is a state-of-the art production village used for Film and TV including an original 1880’s wood barn, two 1920’s Beach Cottages and a Beach House situated on sand with palms, as well as 2 separate warehouse spaces and a spacious courtyard.

Described as art for the auditory senses this year’s lineup boasts as one of the best, if not the best over Life and Death’s 5 year showcase. The incredible list of invites include Rekids‘ label, founded by Radio Slave, contributing their UK contemporary house and techno style to the event, bringing with them Tijana T, J Dubs, Rødhåd and the label owner himself, Radio Slave as co-headliners. Adding more European flare to the lineup will be Young Marco, Prins Thomas, Job Jobse, HVOB (live), Dorisburg (live), and Ame making their music magic. For the ultimate finale in DJ performance, music connoisseurs will have all senses hypnotically heightened by the ever-rare appearance of the Wizardry, a trio comprised of DJ Three, Damian Lazarus and DJ Tennis, who have earned adulation from their appearances at Miami Music Week and Output in Brooklyn.

For more information and tickets click here.


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