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Light Minded And Joseph DL – Vega (Innatural Records)

Light Minded and Joseph DL – Vega (Innatural Records)

Italian techno DJand Producers Light Minded and Joseph DL join forces for the ‘Vega’ EP, released on Joseph DL’s own label, Innatural Records.

Together they make an interesting and compelling brand of electronic dance music, subtle but intense, as showcased in their joint EP ‘Vega’, comprised of two tracks: ‘Vega’ and ‘Sirio’, each one representing a darker shade of techno in their own way, with plenty of booming bass and chilling effects mixed together skillfully, so as not to drown the sound in all the darkness.

First one ‘Vega’ is an introspective track that gives off an odd, underwater feel, thanks to sonar-like synth stabs and murky, filtered sounds. Adding to this tune´s hypnotic vibes are the occasional bass notes added every few bars for a loopy, cyclic effect, and the rising and falling samples in the background add to the tune´s overall circular feel. Deep layers make it a complex and enveloping experience, with crisp production giving each element its own space to breathe and develop in throughout the length of the track.

On ‘Sirio’, bass takes front stage with an unstoppable line that helps build up the tension within the track, grounded by a busy rhythmic base. It certainly has potential for creating epic passages within a techno set, with an effective breakdown giving way to a rewarding release, where all the elements of the tune come together for a massive, stomping wall of bass and drums.

Light Minded and Joseph DL, with the ‘Vega’ EP, have managed to produce two techno tracks that burrow their way inside your head and leave you wanting more, a rare feat for deep techy dance music.

Light Minded and Joseph DL’s ‘Vega’ EP is already available on Innatural Records.

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