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Lightworks: DJs and artists amplify mental health discourse

eott promotes mental health awareness and fundraising through music, arts, events, and merchandise.

Brighton-based initiative, eott, is pioneering innovative ways to spark mental health conversations. Their latest project, the £0 campaign, offers valuable advice on providing emotional support during tough financial times without any monetary investment.

A key part of eott’s strategy involves using various mediums like media, merchandise, and events to highlight mental health issues. They have successfully raised over £10,000 to support multiple mental health causes, tackling problems such as bereavement, substance misuse, financial stress, and cultural challenges.

Their lighthearted ‘uk, g’ merchandise line illustrates their approach. The £0 campaign emphasizes that support can be as simple and cost-free as meditating, reaching out to helplines, or just offering a shoulder to lean on.

In addition to its online presence, eott hosts an event series named Lightworks. This series allows DJs and artists to share their personal mental health experiences, creating a safe environment for open discussion.

Established in 2019, eott has been instrumental in promoting mental well-being and breaking down the stigma attached to mental health care. They leverage music, art, and events to make mental health discussions more engaging and relatable to all.

Learn more about this initiative here.


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