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Limited Release of Dj Tennis coming out on Polyester Series

The italian artist announces his new EP to coincide with a series of summer  live dates.

Manfredi Romano, later to be known as DJ Tennis influences includes a wide range of genres such as psychedelic and punk, which can be noted in the sounds he creates today. This time Life and Deaths founder moves forward with his new four-tracks ‘Convex’ EP showing progression, freshness and adding a  dose of intensity.

First cut ‘Last In First Out’ brings dark undertones brought to life through eclectic instrumentation. Second one ‘Punch Card’ feat. Sebra Cruz, livens the uniformity through unexpected melodic turns. Title track ‘Convex’ feels entirely impulsive and captivating and final one ‘Zilog’ earns its place with a slow but immeasurable night to day finish.

‘Convex’ EP drops on stores on September 23rd on Omnidisc Polyester Series and you can pre-order here

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