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Listed announces stage takeover at Art With Me Miami

Featuring performances by Anja Schneider, Dubtribe Sound System, and more.

San Francisco’s Listed Productions, an integral part of the electronic music scene across America, has announced its stage takeover at Art With Me. The highly anticipated festival is set to take place from November 26th to 28th, at the Historic Virginia Key Beach Park, Miami.

On Sunday, November 28th, Listed Productions will be showcasing the talents of Sous Music boss Anja Schneider, Beauty & The Beast (Holmar back-to-back Philipp Jung), Dubtribe Sound System, Nikita, N/UM (live), and Navbox.

Listed’s head Gunita Nagpaul said, “For listed, it is all about quality dance music and the journey an artist can take you on with their signature sound. The artists we work with no matter if they’re “old school” or of the new, they resonate with us and musically represent what we feel are “The Real Deal” in dance music. We love to give new and older experienced artists a platform so they can be heard. This has always been part of our ethos in curation when we host parties, a festival or a stage.

Matt Caines who wears many hats at Art With Me as Co founder/COO/ Festival, Programming and Music Director and listed, have a long history. We brought him aboard to help listed events in 2012 as well as the Cityfox Experience events in the beginning days in NY. He had a hunger to learn everything so went deep in taking on a variety of roles back then. We could not be happier that he is playing a vital role in the expansion of the artist community and including us in this gigantic art project aka the “Art With Me” experience.”

You can purchase your tickets for Art With Me Miami 2021 here.

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