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Listen to Alinka’s ‘Freedom Dance’

Now available on Peggy Gou’s Gudu Records.

Photo Credit: Alinka – Official

After contributing to ‘Gudu & Friends Vol. 2,’ DJ/Producer Alinka is debuting her single ‘Freedom Dance’ on Gudu Records.

Deeply influenced by the house music scenes in Kyiv and Chicago, Alinka has made substantial contributions to dance music. This includes her residency at Dotbleep party, the launch of the Twirl party series and label, and collaborations with artists like Spencer Parker and Kim Ann Foxman.

Currently based in Berlin, Alinka is refining her sound with releases on labels such as Permanent Vacation and Rekids. Her debut EP on Gudu Records, ‘Dance Like Nobody’s Watching,’ showcases her efficient production style, intended to energize the dancefloor.

Alinka reflects on her meeting with Peggy Gou at Berlin’s Panorama Bar, and their shared love for house music. She was excited to create music for Gudu, producing tracks that fuse her Chicago roots with an inclusive dancefloor vibe.

Listen to ‘Freedom Dance’ below and grab your copy here.

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