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Listen to Behrouz’s 10 year anniversary session at Robot Heart

Miami-based and Do Not Sit on the Furniture owner Behrouz has been an important part of the Burning Man movement. Through the years he and his crew have been involved supporting, playing and building a community of people that gather every year to celebrate life at the Black Rock Desert, Nevada.

One of the most renowned camps, Robot Heart, celebrated its 10 anniversary during past August. For that special occasion Behrouz has shared his live session with the following message:

“10 Years ago I was invited to play on this bus called Robot Heart by my good friend Swamy at Burning Man. We were on the bus and I remember it would continuously break down but we didn’t care because we were a bunch of friends doing this for the love of music and we had no idea this bus would become the magical Robot Heart bus that we all have come to love the past ten years. Every year my set at Robot Heart has become one of the most integral parts of my journey at Burning Man. This is my gift to the playa and to each one of you and it comes straight from my heart. We come to Burning Man to search about humanity and love and to be good to others around us and the bus helps us deliver this message through our music. Thank you Robot Heart, Geo, Swamy, Robert, Benjamin and everyone on that bus that puts so much effort throughout the year to make sure that bus brings so much love to our community!”

Listen to the session below.


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