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Listen To Boris Brejcha’s New Album, ‘Space Diver’

Listen to Boris Brejcha’s new album, ‘Space Diver’

The LP brings 12 new tracks.

High-Tech minimal pioneer, Boris Brejcha, returns with his long-awaited new record entitled ‘Space Diver’, which was released on January 24th via Ultra Music.

According to the press team of the German artist, “Space Diver is an epic, emotionally-charged journey, rich with atmospheric soundscapes in which Brejcha masterfully guides the listener through an array of terrain.”

This album includes three singles that Brejcha had previously released: ‘Happinezz’ (feat. Ginger), ‘Never Look Back’ and ‘Lieblingsmensch’.

Listen to ‘Space Diver’ below and grab your copy here.


1. Gravity (feat. Laura Korinth)
2. Happinezz (feat. Ginger)
3. Never Look Back
4. Lieblingsmensch
5. Space Diver
6. To The Moon And Back (feat. Ginger)
7. Blue Lake
8. Take It Smart
9. Future
10. The Troublemakerz
11. Kittys Journey
12. Game Over

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