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Listen to Cloud Management’s new album ‘V.A.’

Featuring collaborations with Peaking Lights, No UFO’s, Seekers International, and Coco Em.

Photo credit: Natalia Sidor

Hamburg-based trio Cloud Management has released their second LP, titled ‘V.A.’, under the Altin Village & Mine label.

This new album showcases a mix of experimental sounds and includes collaborations with well-known artists such as Peaking Lights, No UFO’s, Seekers International, and the Kenyan multi-disciplinary artist Coco Em. The release is characterized by its diversity, openness, and variety.

‘V.A.’ started as a small project but quickly grew into a larger endeavor. What was initially planned as a one-time release turned into a full record, with the trio embracing dub music and partnering with Aaron Coyes of Peaking Lights. Additionally, they invited other artists like No UFO’s, Seekers International, and Coco Em to contribute their unique versions of select tracks, bringing a true dub flavor to the album.

Listen to ‘V.A.’ below and get your copy here.

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