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Listen To ‘Embrace’, Agoria’s Latest Single

Listen to ‘Embrace’, Agoria’s latest single

Following his 2017 EP, ‘Scala’.

French Producer and composer Sebastien Devaud, also known as Agoria,  presented his latest track entitled ‘Embrace’, that features the vocals of Phoebe Killdeer.

The material showcases the musician’s talent for creating deep, stripped-back, stirring melodies and introduce his new ‘drift’ style, a fast-emerging new genre expressing freedom in musical taste. As for ‘Embrace’, the artist said he was inspired by the noise of his refrigerator.

“It was falling apart but making beautiful noises! I recorded it and found the harmonies in the bleeps! A few days later, Phoebe called me saying that she had recorded her vocals at home with a random microphone, and asked if we should re-record it properly in my studio. I thought that we would never get the same sensuality and elegance in a second round, so we decided to keep it natural, and embrace the magic that sometimes just happens!” he said in the press release.

‘Embrace’, with Phoebe Killdeer, is now available. Grab your copy here.

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