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Listen To The First Ever Jackmaster ‘Megamix’

Listen to the first ever Jackmaster ‘Megamix’

Originally recorded in 2006.

Scotish DJ and producer Jackmaster has been releasing his annual ‘Mastermix’ during the last 10 years. In every chapter, he has showcased his mixing skills and sharp eclectic selection with old and new tracks.

In order to thanks his fans the artist has decided to upload the first edition of the series. The mix dates from 2006 and it was recorded on pure vinyl. It runs through different styles including artists like Ciara, Beyoncé, Janet and Missy to Mr. Oizo, Drexciya and DJ Funk.

As he commented on his Facebook post, “It’s a perfect example of how I was DJing when I was a wee guy and brings to mind vivid memories of the old Numbers nights we used to put on in the tiny wee basement of a gay bar where we threw the parties that gained us notoriety in Glasgow. Enjoy!”

Listen to the session below.

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