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Listen to Golden Bug’s new single ‘Hi No Tori,’ shares video

This is the second track from his upcoming album, ‘Piscolabis II’.

Photo Credit: Ana Madrid x Rose Lahore

French Electronic musician Antoine Harispuru, known as Golden Bug, has released his latest single, ‘Hi No Tori’, in collaboration with The Limiñanas and Japanese artist Vega Voga. This cut is the second one from his forthcoming album, ‘Piscolabis II’, following  ‘L’effet domino.’

‘Hi No Tori’ is a blend of hypnotic loops, robotic elements, and futuristic effects, combined with sharp guitars and ethereal vocals. Vega Voga’s stirring voice adds an extra layer, evoking the image of a phoenix soaring into the sky.

Golden Bug explains, “I’m a big fan of Can, especially their classic ‘Mother Sky’. With ‘Hi No Tori’, I tried to go in that direction, drawing inspiration from that raw, voodoo, and psychedelic universe, while retaining a very organic touch.”

A gripping video directed by Pierre Magnol accompanies the release of ‘Hi No Tori.’ The footage delves into the concept of evolving borders and nations, spreading a message of unity and brotherhood.

Watch the ‘Hi No Tori’ music video below and download your copy of the track here.

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