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Listen to Guy Gerber’s release with Deniz Kurtel on ‘Here Comes the Rain’

This is Guy’s first EP after ‘Secret Encounters’.

Guy Gerber has returned to his imprint Rumors with an exciting EP ‘Here Comes the Rain’ alongside Deniz Kurtel. This is the second collaboration between both following his remix on 2011’s ‘The L Word’.

The new release stands on dark atmospheric late night melodies providing a title track with muted piano chords that builds up to layers of echoing synths and subtle vocal samples for an evocative leading piece. On the B-side ‘An Army Of Stalkers’, as its name suggests, is a slightly faster-paced affair with twinkling arpeggios and a subtle rolling bassline.

‘Here Comes the Rain’ is already available on Rumors Records. Grab your copy here

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