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Listen to Henry Saiz’s ‘Balance 032’ compilation

It’s his third appearance in the series.

Photo credit:   Henry Saiz – Official

Madrid-based artist Henry Saiz just released his latest  ‘Balance 032’ compilation, consisting of 2 parts, three discs, and  46 tracks.

‘Balance 032’ is a carefully curated compilation created over the span of two years that strikes a perfect balance between home listening and club vibes. Part 1 explores the interplay between the past, the future, and the reinterpretation of familiar concepts, all seamlessly woven together through a freestyle approach. Part 2 showcases the artist’s club sound, blending lush progressive house, ethereal breaks, and psychedelic elements.

 “Since I’ve done two Balance compilations already, I didn’t want to repeat myself. My first, ‘Balance 19’, was very important for my career and I knew people would be comparing it with this new one, so I put a lot of effort into it to make it more attractive and to be able to gain more control in the final product sound wise,”  Henry Saiz commented.

Listen to ‘Balance 032’ below and download your copy here.

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