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Listen to Hotboxx’s new release ‘Certified Freak (Interlude)’

Included in the ‘Welcome Home 001 VA’ album by House Of Huemans.

Hotboxx has released a new deep house track, ‘Certified Freak (Interlude)’, as part of the ‘Welcome Home 001 VA’ album by House Of Huemans.

‘Certified Freak’ features a soundscape with dazzling pads, hypnotic details, and rhythmic shuffles. Its dreamy vocals, synth chords, and punchy beat enhance the track’s allure, providing a contrast to the high-energy productions in the album.

The artist’s success in electronic music stems from his distinctive sound, skills, and collaborations with artists like Flynn Nolan and Unkwnet. His live sets, studio work, and contributions to the ‘All The Smoke’ radio show highlight his innovation and experience in Miami.

Listen to ‘Certified Freak (Interlude)’ below and grab your copy here.

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