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Listen to Peggy Gou’s debut album ‘I Hear You’

Out now via XL Recordings.

Peggy Gou just released her much-anticipated debut album entitled ‘I Hear You,’ featuring ten original tracks.

The LP showcases a contribution from Villano Antillano in ‘All That’, a leading figure in Puerto Rican rap, who lent his vocal talents to the project, and also with rockstar Lenny Kravitz in the track  ‘I Believe In Love Again’.

“’I Hear You’ is more than just my debut album. It embodies countless hours of dedication in my journey to create something timeless, and is a testament to the power of listening, to ourselves and to each other,” the South Korean artist said.

Other  standout cuts from the record are   ‘(It Goes Like) Nanana’ and ‘Lobster Telephone.’

Three elements from the album — the cover, a ‘ring of ears’ depicting Gou, and the music video for ‘1+1= 11’ — result from an artistic collaboration with Olafur Eliasson.

Listen to  ‘I Hear You’ below and download your copy here.

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