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Listen to Raxon’s ‘Speicher 131’ via Kompakt

Now available through Kompakt Extra label.

Hailing from Egypt and currently based in Barcelona, artist Raxon presents his latest work, the ‘Speicher 131’ EP, which is now available through the Kompakt Extra label.

Starting with ‘Your Fault,’ the EP showcases Raxon’s distinct disco flavor, characterized by intricate chord sequences and his unique vocal style.

The subsequent track, ‘Beskar,’ draws inspiration from the Star Wars universe. As cited by the Star Wars-centric source, Jedipedia, Beskar is an exceptionally durable type of iron that changes its properties and hues under the expert touch of a metalsmith. Within the EP, ‘Beskar’ presents a subtle fusion of funk and trance.

Listen to ‘Speicher 131’ below and download your copy here.


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