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Listen To Sasha’s New Track, ‘Smoke Monk’

Listen to Sasha’s new track, ‘Smoke Monk’

The cut was included on his latest compilation, Fabric 99.

Welsh DJ and producer Alexander Paul Coe, also known as Sasha, has just released his latest production via his own imprint Last Night on Earth. 

The track titled ‘Smoke Monk’ is an example of the sensible yet danceable compositions he’s been working over the last year. The lively beat with a bubbling top line, bongos, hi-hats and plucked strings give the tune a dominance before a soulful and sort of melancholic melody drifts in, uniting the whole to evoke a sublime yet mysterious journey.

The EP comes with a remix by the polish artist VONDA7 who gives Sasha’s tune a stronger yet more stripped-down beat. The harmonies who are not so prominent open the door to a melodic but powerful insistent riff.

Listen to the tracks below and grab your copy here.

Track List:
1. Smoke Monk (Original Mix)
2. Smoke Monk (VONDA7 6am Flight Remix)

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