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Listen to So Only’s new EP ‘Girls/qb’

Marking the beginning of a series of releases in 2024.

Photo Credit: So Only – Bandcamp

UK artist, So Only, has recently presented his latest musical offering, a two-track EP entitled ‘Girls/qb’. This release signifies the beginning of a series scheduled for this year.

Having been a part of the North West UK music scene for eight years, So Only’s passion for music began in his childhood when he started learning guitar at age five. Recently, he noticed an increase in his productivity, which he attributes to a newfound confidence in his musical direction. He prefers to express his life experiences through music, rather than following a predetermined blueprint.

“I feel like I’ve recently become much more confident in the direction I’m taking my music. Just trying to encapsulate my own life experiences in and out of music is making much more sense than trying to follow a blueprint like I used to. There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to art & when you start to believe that, you really can just be you,” he commented.  

So Only draws inspiration from a variety of artists including Jadu Heart, Joy Orbison, Nayana IZ, John Frusciante, Jaydonclover, Lukid, and Lapalux. Live performances from him are anticipated in the coming months.

Listen to ‘Girls/qb’ below and secure your copy here.

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