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Listen to Thomas Bangalter’s ‘DAAAAAALÍ!’ soundtrack

Out now digitally and as a 10” release via Ed Banger Records.

Photo credit: Thomas Bangalter – Instagram

Former Daft Punk member, Thomas Bangalter, has unveiled the original soundtrack for the new film ‘DAAAAAALÍ!’, directed by Quentin Dupieux.

Pedro Winter, head of Ed Banger Records, shared his thoughts on the soundtrack, stating, “Releasing this soundtrack with two of my all-time favorite artists felt like a natural and obvious choice! Since ‘Steak’ in 2007, Ed Banger Records has released most of Quentin Dupieux’s original soundtracks. When he told me he wanted to involve Thomas Bangalter in his project DAAAAAALÍ!, I knew it would become something special.

Both Thomas and Quentin had a clear vision of how the music should enhance the film. Stepping out of his comfort zone, Thomas solely used an ancient zither, recording it in his Parisian studio. The repetitive theme from the 1930s resonates with the surreal vision of this brilliant director, celebrating the golden age of music and cinema.”

Listen to Thomas Bangalter’s soundtrack of ‘DAAAAAALÍ!’ here.

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