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Listen to Clan Brude’s ‘Temporary Places’

Out now via Brude Records.

Photo credit: Clan Brude – Official

Producer Clan Brude, also known as Tom Brodie, returns with his latest musical offering entitled ‘Temporary Places’.

The EP consists of three tracks that are sure to resonate with fans of the genre. Opening with ‘Escape (Over And Over)’, a vibrant and energetic composition that blends a steady beat with captivating vocals, basslines, synths, and rhythmic elements, taking listeners on an immersive sonic journey. Following is ‘Why This Paranoia Get Me’, an infectious track that captivates with its pulsating beat, driving melodies, chopped vocals, and infectious synths, creating a fresh musical landscape for listeners to explore. Concludes with ‘Cut Me Loose (Straight to U Mix)’, a dynamic and uplifting composition that combines a pulsating beat, uplifting synths, and captivating vocals, enhancing the overall musical experience.

Listen to Clan Brude’s ‘Temporary Places’ below and download your copy here.

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