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Fers delivers his new EP, ‘Horizon’

Out now via Dear Deer Black. 

Rising Brazilian DJ & producer Fers has unveiled his brand new EP, ‘Horizon’. The four-track release sees the artist dab in peak-time sounds, and is already available to stream and purchase via Alex Kaspersky’s Dear Deer Black.

Like many young producers, Brazilian DJ and producer Fers was attracted to electronic music by the depth and feelings that this musical style gives us. His gateway was melodic techno, but it did not take long for him to understand that his ‘vibe’ was more intense, heavier. After a mentorship with none other than Alex Stein, he started to bet on peak-time techno, and now he gives life to his first original tracks within this style.

‘I felt that in this style of techno I have more freedom than with the melodic line, for me it is the least clichéd style of all, there are too many possibilities to create a great hypnosis. A guy who is the perfect definition of this is Enrico Sangiuliano, impeccable sound design, melodic and with explosion’, he said in a Brazilian digital magazine in the past. Fers has also been praised on a Livestream by Andre Salata, one of the main mentors of music production in Brazil, also drawing many compliments on the chatroom.

‘Horizon’ EP brings the official beginning to this new sound shift, and caught the attention and was accepted by Alex Kaspersky, headmaster of the traditional and prestigious Dear Deer — however, the release is signed by the sublabel, Dear Deer Black, where the focus is precisely techno sounds.

‘Horizon’ EP comes with four original tracks: ‘Gloomy Code’, ‘Horizon’, ‘Mystery Box’, and ‘The Scars’, all of them following the same creative line, with many synthesizers and an almost ‘apocalyptic’ aesthetic.

Listen to Fers’ ‘Horizon’ EP below, and purchase your copy here.

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