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Listen to Martín Y Corazón’s ‘Osalá’ EP

A sultry blend of jazz, deep house, & techno.

Brooklyn-based Dominican duo Martín Y Corazón have shared their two-track EP, ‘Osalá’. The recording is already available to stream and purchase via their Bandcamp page.

Perfect for either sunrises and sunsets, the EP sees the duo dabbing in several genres for a flavorful cocktail. Title track ‘Osalá’ finds jazzy chord progressions strolling over fine drum programming, as vocal jabs breathe life into the composition. Meanwhile, ‘El Sueño’ is a more stripped-back affair, a heady track that feels infectious, as it slowly builds in tension throughout.

Listen to Martín Y Corazón’s ‘Osalá’ EP below, and purchase your copy here.

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