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Listen to Massio & Beatty conjure ‘Dreams of Heaven’

The EP contains four tracks, including remixes by Tanit and DSF.

Photo credit: Massio & Beatty – Official

Inward Records recently released the EP ‘Dreams of Heaven’ by Massio & Beatty. The EP features four tracks, each of which becomes a portal to an otherworldly soundscape, including remixes by Tanit and DSF.

Propelled by their shared experiences and passions, Massio & Beatty’s new ‘Dreams of Heaven’ EP  invites listeners on a cosmic adventure with mystical melodies and lively rhythms.

Tanit and DSF are the hottest producers out there right now with several hit after hit. Friendship has been there for a while, so it was natural for them to jump on board for a remix. They really brought the EP to another level.  We personally like remixes that don’t sound much like the original versions. DSF took his interpretation to a daytime dreamy vibe, while Tanit reinforced the already heavy track, making it a must-play for late night.” said Massio & Beatty.

Listen to ‘Dreams of Heaven’ below, and purchase your copy here.

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