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Listen to Massio & Josta’s ‘Midnight Gardens’ EP

Out now via Keyfound.

Globetrotting artist Massio has linked up with Josta for a new collaborative EP, ‘Midnight Gardens’. The brand new record features two new original cuts, and two remixes, courtesy of Valdovinos and Urmet K.

Available now via Keyfound, ‘Midnight Gardens’ sees the pair crafting deep, entrancing grooves, and mesmerizing melodies that soar as they guide the way, shrouded in mysticism. On remix duties, Valdovinos amps the flair on ‘Midnight Gardens’, delivering a most flavorful take, while Urmet K descends to uncharted depths in his reinterpretation of ‘Must Leave Too’.

Listen to Massio & Josta’s ‘Midnight Gardens’ EP below, and purchase your copy of the EP here.

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