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Listen to Mirror Machines’ remix of ‘Blade Runner (End Titles)’

A fitting homage to the late synth maestro Vangelis.

Jeremy Dawson and Chad Petree, best known as Mirror Machines, have just shared their latest sonic outing with the release of their own remix of ‘Blade Runner (End Titles)’. The new drop is already available to stream and purchase across major digital platforms via HNTR’s No Neon label.

Following up on debut releases via Lane 8’s This Never Happened and Anjunadeep, Mirror Machines recreates the same rig Vangelis used to record the iconic piece, reimagining it under a darker, mysterious light.

“We decided to give our best shot at recreating the ‘End Titles’ earlier this year. We called up our boy Rob Rosen at Rosen Sound in Los Angeles and shot out there to build the EXACT rig Vangelis used on the soundtrack. Even though our version is modern and “melodic techno”-ish, all of the synthesizers were specifically a 1977 Yamaha CS-80, an early version Moog Minimoog, a 1976 Roland Paraphonic RS-505, and a 1977 Arp Odyssey mkII. Reverbs were the Lexicon 224. Absolutely zero software.” explains the duo.

Listen to Mirror Machines’ remix of ‘Blade Runner (End Titles)’ below, and grab your copy here.

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