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Listen to Non Solo’s new EP ‘Sarang’

A mesmerizing blend of indian classical and electronica.

Photo credit:  Pawas / Soundcloud

Masala Movement is proud to release Non Solo’s latest EP entitled ‘Sarang’. The musical package features four new tracks – ‘Sarang’, ‘Svara’, ‘Tandav’, and‘Bhoop’ – created by Anurag Choudhary and Pawas Gupta. 

Anurag adds a mystical and romantic flavor to ‘Sarang’  with his flute, while Pawas brings his expertise in electronic grooves and atmospheric sounds to create a mesmerizing experience for the listener.

Non Solo is a beautiful blend of Indian classical music and electronica, providing a unique experience that will leave you wanting more.

The EP is already available, both digitally and in a limited edition vinyl with typographic artwork by Shantanu Suman in collaboration with Masala Movement’s Manoj Kurian.

Pre-order the ‘Sarang’ EP vinyl here.



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