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Listen to Rawayana’s new album ‘Quien Trae Las Cornetas’

With upcoming shows in Miami, New York, Los Angeles, and more. 

Photo credit:: Rawayana – Oficial

Venezuelan band Rawayana has released their fifth studio album entitled ‘Quien Trae Las Cornetas’ via Brocoli Records, which features a series of special collaborations including musicians such as Danny Ocean, Monsieur Periné, Servando Primera, among others.

Formed by Beto Montenegro, Tony Casas, Abeja, and Fofo Story, Rawayana began their musical journey in 2007. Over the years they have evolved their sound, which is a mix of reggae, funk, rock, and other Caribbean rhythms that have made them project themselves as one of the most important Spanish-speaking bands in the region and being nominated for a Latin Grammy.

On this occasion ‘Quien Trae Las Cornetas’ (2023) follows ‘When Los Acéfalos Predominan’ (2021), and through 22 songs the band demonstrates their musical evolution to create “the album of their lives”, in the words of Beto. Having a series of special guests on the record, new creative processes have been used, and features a group of special guests such as Bebo Dumont, Danny Ocean, Elena Rose, Marc Seguí & Ben Aler, Goyo, Simon Grossman, Rafa Pabön & Cabra, Monsieur Periné, Elena Rose, Alemán, Xhess, and Spreadlof & Fernando Palomo. Some of the songs that were previously released are ‘Dame Un Break’, ‘Binikini’, and ‘La Tormenta’.

After recently presenting his session for NPR’s renowned Tiny Desk Concert, Rawayana will be touring around the United States, in October, November and December, including shows in Boston, New York, Los Angeles, Charlotte, Miami, Orlando,  Atlanta, Chicago, Las Vegas, and many more.

Listen to Rawayana’s ‘Quien Trae Las Cornetas’ below, and grab your tickets for the US tour here

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