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Listen to Transoverload’s ‘Intense Paradise’ album

Featuring 12 new, bold, original cuts.

Electronic live band Transoverload has finally unveiled their latest musical effort as they shared the release of their ‘Intense Paradise’ LP. The new full-length record features twelve new original songs by the North American outfit, and is already available to stream via Spotify.

Transoverload has been playing together for 18 years, opening for various national and international acts. After releasing ‘The Concept’ in 2010, the band began to refine and develop a new sound that embodies the group now.

Their latest release, ‘Intense Paradise’, finds Transoverload navigating through the jungle they now call home. ‘It is about making the best of what we have, as alive as we could be on a holiday on Skid Row’, says the band about their latest project.

Listen to Transoverload’s ‘Intense Paradise’ below.

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