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Listen to Tutara Peak’s ‘Colour & Pattern’

Out now via Alpha Pup.

UK producer and songwriter Harvey Carter, best known as Tutara Peak, is back on the scene with a new single in ‘Colour & Pattern’. The fresh drop is already available to stream and purchase across major digital platforms via Daddy Kev’s Alpha Pup imprint.

Over the past two years, the left-field producer has been surging up with a dazzling blend of experimental electronic music with organic instrumentals and atmospheric touches. Aptly titled, ‘Colour & Pattern’ finds the artist knee-deep in iridescent tones, painting enveloping textures that dazzle the imagination.

‘Colour & Pattern’, is a glimpse into my future works; a representation of what’s to come. Using more colourful sounds than my previous releases, I wanted this to give my audience a good indication of one particular route I’m taking with my sound. The song started when I was gifted a steel tongue drum by a good friend. I was immediately inspired to try it out so I started to record and arrange a few layers which the track started to take shape from. I believe the fact that I started with a personally unfamiliar instrument put me in a headspace to use more alternative instrumentation and I often compare this to a painter using more of the paints they don’t often touch or mix. This also ties into the song title, having used more colourful sounds and structuring them around interlocking cyclical patterns,” explains Tutara Peak about the release.

Listen to Tutara Peak’s ‘Colour & Pattern’ below, and purchase your copy here.

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