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Listen to Vessels to Motherland’s ‘MACHINE LIEDER’ album

It’s the duo’s debut LP.

NYC-based electroacoustic duo Vessels to Motherland has finally unveiled their anticipated debut album, ‘MACHINE LIEDER’. The new record is already available to stream and purchase across major digital platforms.

Navigating between past, present, and future, the duo formed by Danica Borisavljevic and Nikita Morozov explores the ghost in the machine. Throughout 13 new original cuts in ‘MACHINE LIEDER’, Vessels to Motherland convey psychedelic pictures and dreams of distant utopias that ripple across the multiverse, as machines learn, become human, and whisper into evermore.

With decades of concert hall performances behind them, Borisavljevic and Morozov have synthesized a new chapter that sees the union of the two classically-trained musicians coinciding with a mutual calling for electronic music, psychedelic soundscapes, and otherworldly sound treatments.

Listen to Vessels to Motherland’s ‘MACHINE LIEDER’ LP below, and purchase your copy here.


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