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Listen to Trentemøller’s ‘All Too Soon’

Photo Credit: Sofie Nørregaard

Taken from the upcoming album, ‘Memoria’.

Danish electronic maestro Trentemøller has returned with a new single titled ‘All Too Soon’, which ‘examines ostensibly diametric relationships of light and dark, life and death, day and night, love and hate, while actually presenting them as dualistic, and symbiotic, influencing each other as they interrelate’.

The new track, which belongs to Trentemøller’s sixth studio album, ‘Memoria’, features Lisbet Fritze’s sultry vocals as the Danish producer blends textures and lush stabs over reverb-drenched drums while a guitar draws simple but mesmerizing figures that capture the imagination.

Watch the video for Trentemøller’s ‘All Too Soon’ below, and pre-order your copy of ‘Memoria’ here.


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