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Listen to Tycho’s new single ‘Small Sanctuary’

Out now via Ninja Tune/Mom + Pop Music.

Photo credit: Scott Hansen

Grammy Award-nominated artist Tycho has released his deeply personal single, ‘Small Sanctuary,’ which is now available on Ninja Tune/Mom + Pop Music.

‘Small Sanctuary’ premiered during Tycho mastermind Scott Hansen’s traditional sunrise set at this year’s Burning Man. Hansen takes full creative control on this track, handling composition, production, performance, and original artwork. The song also features a collaboration with Grizzly Bear’s Chris Taylor, who mixed the track and provided additional production.

Scott Hansen shares the inspiration behind the song, stating, “Children, innocent and unburdened by the complexities of modern life, embody the purest expression of the human condition. Witnessing their growth and learning is like experiencing a sanctuary for the human spirit. I wrote this song for my daughter, who brings me endless joy and inspiration. The artwork represents the collection of experiences and ideas that shape our identity. From early life to adulthood, we gather these memories that ultimately define who we are.”

‘Small Sanctuary’ follows Tycho’s previous single release, the funky ‘Time To Run,’ accompanied by a narrative-driven music video that captures Hansen’s experiences with the meditative power of music while cross-country running. Directed by Patrick Elmore, the ‘Time To Run’ music video is now available for streaming on YouTube.

Listen to ‘Small Sanctuary’ below and get your copy here.

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