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Listen to Warriors of the Dystotheque’s new album ‘It’s a Beautiful Thing’

Now available on DSPPR Label.

Photo credit: Jonny Mac – Official

Warriors of the Dystotheque have released their latest album, ‘It’s a Beautiful Thing,’ under Chris Coco’s DSPPR label.

Described as a quietly celebratory and subtly uplifting collection, ‘It’s a Beautiful Thing’ is meticulously sequenced specifically for the vinyl format. Jonny Mac, a key member of the band, emphasizes the cohesive nature of the album. “It feels like we’ve joined the dots on this album. ‘It’s A Beautiful Thing,’ he remarks.

The album includes last year’s acclaimed single, ‘Hashish Dreams,’ along with the recently released ‘Looking Through Balearic Es,’ both of which have received notable acclaim.

Originally founded as a production project by Jonny Mac about a decade ago, Warriors Of The Dystotheque have since evolved into a fully integrated band. This latest project marks a significant milestone, as it is the first time all members have met in person, blending a variety of contrasting sounds, ideas, and influences.

Listen to ‘It’s a Beautiful Thing’ below and download your copy here.

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