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LIZA reimagines Ian Brown’s ‘Set My Baby Free’ and shares free download

It’s up as a free download.

Argentina-based DJ and producer LIZA has recently unveiled as a Free Download her unofficial remix of Ian Brown’s iconic track ‘Set My Baby Free’. Brown is a former member of the influential band The Stone Roses, and his music has been a major influence on the artist, who is part of a new generation of electronic music producers who are pushing the boundaries of the genre.

In a recent conversation, LIZA expressed her admiration for Brown, stating, “I always seek inspiration from musical hits that bring back beautiful experiences to people. Ian Brown is a renowned artist, especially known for his involvement in the band The Stone Roses, and has left a mark on British music in the 90s, which is the decade of my birth. This indie style influenced my musical adolescence the most and is still relevant these days.”

LIZA’s edit of ‘Set My Baby Free’ captivates listeners with its mesmerizing melodies, intricate rhythms, and atmospheric elements. The remix takes the audience on a sonic journey through space and sound, demonstrating her ability to infuse new life into tracks and push creative boundaries. She explained her creative process, saying, “Although I am currently more focused on producing styles like melodic techno with dub and experimental sounds, I felt that this track deserved a slower rhythmic pattern and deep melodies to create space and give prominence to Ian Brown’s incredible voice, whose lyrics are timeless.”

The unofficial remix by LIZA is now available as a free download on her Soundcloud page.  Listen below and download your copy here.

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