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Ilario Alicante launches Sound D’Elite label with Joe Vanditti’s debut

The imprint aims to highlight Alicante’s groovier and housey style, complementing Virgo’s techno sound.

Photo credit: Joe Vanditti – Official

Italian DJ and producer Ilario Alicante has expanded his musical project with the launch of a new label called Sound D’Elite. The first release is a three-track EP titled ‘Wish Star’ by Italian artist Joe Vanditti.

The EP starts with the title track, a percussive and rolling production that features captivating vocals and deep bass elements. It offers a contemporary twist on a timeless sound, crafted to make a big impact. The EP then continues with ‘Mommy Don’t Know’, another track that showcases sample flips and energetic drum arrangements. The release concludes with ‘Vibrations’, a stylish and atmospheric composition with dreamy pads.

In Ilario Alicante’s words, “With Sound D’Elite, I showcase a groovier and more housey side of my style that, although always present, now takes center stage. Sound D’Elite and Virgo coexist, offering two distinct but complementary soundscapes. These labels are like two parallel narratives that, while following different paths, converge in drawing an authentic and multifaceted portrait of who I am as an artist.”

Listen to the ‘Wish Star’ EP below and download your copy here.

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