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London’s Victoria & Albert Museum hosts virtual Glastonbury Exhibit

This is the festival’s 50th anniversary.

This year’s Glastonbury landmark edition was scheduled for this week, but it was forced to be postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s why the brand has decided to work with London’s Victoria & Albert Museum, for a state-of-the-art virtual exhibition.

The V&A Museum’s online gathering will be open all week long, and it will feature a wide collection of the festival’s archive. It’s worth remembering that the London institution became guardians of said archive back in 2014. This will include photos, posters, flyers, tickets, playlists, soundscapes, fashion reports, architectural designs, and much more. They also encourage people to submit their own Glasto memory, which will be used by the museum to ‘map personal experiences to the rich and extensive timeline of the festival’s history’.

‘You couldn’t just invent a Glastonbury now. There is something about the organic way in which it has developed from that moment of the first festival’, said Victoria & Albert curator Kate Bailey. Meanwhile, Emily Eavis said that ‘The festival is witness to decades of creative, social, and political change, and your memories are an integral part of this story. Please do share your Glastonbury memories and join in the V&A’s seven days of festival fun’.

You can visit Glastonbury’s virtual exhibition here.

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